Patrick Brauneisen

Office Care & Cleanliness

While many people apply for jobs and go looking for employment, O'Farrell Financial sought out Patrick to help care for their office.

Diagnosed with Mosaic Down's Syndrome (a rather rare form), Patrick's doctor gave his parents two very important pieces of advice: set no limitations; and let him show you what he can do.

Patrick is a methodical and organized man. He has a schedule that he likes to keep and prefers that it not be altered. That schedule not only has time in it for work and church, but it also has Nintendo, bowling, photography, cursive writing and reading literacy books.

He is also a very active individual. He's been taking swimming lessons since 1999, doesn't like to sit still, and loves riding stationary exercise bikes. Indeed, when he first got one, Patrick started tracking the kilometers and, with a big map of Canada in front of him, he rode his stationary bike across the country. That wasn't enough though. He's since cycled that bike (actually he's worn out two of them) around the entire planet, and finally stopped tracking the kilometers when he headed out into space.

Patrick has had jobs in the community since he started high school and put a lot of effort into his customized school program. A hard worker and warm person, Patrick won the The Gabriel Kuling Ability Memorial Bursary for perseverance and dedication. At his graduation, the standing ovation he received was returned with a big smile and a "thumbs up".