Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

Conversations about Estate Planning and Charitable Giving were once reserved for the wealthiest families, but those times have changed.

Estate Planning services are designed to do some very important things. First, they are not used simply to decide what to do with your assets when you die. Estate Planning starts by taking a good look at how to minimize the taxes you pay and maximize the money you have available so that you can live the kind of life that you want.

The next place it looks is to ensure that what happens with your wealth when you die, happens according to your desires. A Will is typically seen as a tool to do that, and while it is a key element, it is not the only thing required. More than this, proper planning will minimize probate fees and other taxes that will become payable, while protecting assets for children and grandchildren.

Estate Planning helps you live the life you want today, and secures the legacy that you want to leave for the future.

Hand-in-hand with Estate Planning is Charitable Giving. Charities, educational institutions, medical institutions and other organizations all struggle with budgets that continue to tighten, and they are increasingly appealing to individuals to support their incredible programs, research and services.

Many of us here at O'Farrell Financial, and many people in our community, have been touched by these various services and want part of their legacy to support reputable, charitable organizations. If you're one of those people, come and sit down with us so we can show you how to use tax intelligent steps to redirect assets to a cause that is meaningful to you. We can all make a difference in our lives, and with Charitable Giving you can make a difference with your Legacy in the lives of others as well.

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