At O’Farrell Financial Services Inc. we offer a variety of comprehensive services to meet your unique needs. Whether you are an individual or a business owner you may have a number of questions: What does retirement look like for me? What will happen to my farm, my business or my family when I retire or pass away? How can I afford to send my children to college or university? What can I do with my money to reduce what I give away to the government? There are so many questions when it comes to financial planning and we have the answers.

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Employee Benefits

Our Employee Benefits division specializes in providing our clients with the best possible solution for their unique needs. Our team will work with your organization to obtain the most cost effective plan available. Protect your most valuable asset with Employee Benefits. Tailored Plans for Your Unique Business: Life Insurance Short-term and Long-term Disability Health Care Spending Accounts Critical Illness Insurance Health, Dental & Vision Coverage Group RRSP / Pension / TFSA Advantages of Employee Benefits: Competitive pricing Benefits packages for as few as two employees Helps attract and retain key employees Employees and employers receive benefits without having to belong…

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Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

Conversations about Estate Planning and Charitable Giving were once reserved for the wealthiest families, but those times have changed. Estate Planning services are designed to do some very important things. First, they are not used simply to decide what to do with your assets when you die. Estate Planning starts by taking a good look at how to minimize the taxes you pay and maximize the money you have available so that you can live the kind of life that you want. The next place it looks is to ensure that what happens with your wealth when you die, happens…

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Farm Succession Planning

Your farm is your life’s work. O’Farrell Financial Services Inc. is ours. We understand the desire and drive to leave behind a powerful legacy. That is why we want to help you put together a solid succession plan for passing on the family business to the next generation. A good succession plan takes time, patience and expertise. There are many family, legal and financial concerns to consider when documenting a written succession plan. We consider not only the actual assets of the farm but also the labour and control of the farm. Using our expertise, we will guide you through…

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While many people spend much of their lives working to create wealth, it can be easy to overlook the important area of protecting what's most important to you. Insurance services are a vital element of any financial security plan because there are key risks that can put an end to an individual's ability to create wealth, or that can use up that wealth quickly. The challenge is that protecting yourself, your family and your assets comes with a lot of questions. What types of insurance do I need? How much is enough? Will it protect me against the most likely…

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You've earned money, and you want it to grow, that's why investing wisely becomes an important element in your personal financial plan. That's also why we've built an in-house expertise in investing. We have a spectrum of registered, non-registered, fully guaranteed and non-guaranteed investment vehicles that we tune to the specific needs of each client. Our investment strategies are individually created after we complete an in-depth conversation using a detailed questionnaire. We want to know your investment objectives and how you view risk from the very beginning. Once this is defined, we can create an investment strategy that is designed…

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Mortgage Referrals and Lending Services

At O’Farrell Financial we continually search for ways to grow and improve our client experience. It is our goal to provide seamless, effortless and complete financial planning to our clients. For this reason, our expansive list of products and services now includes mortgage referrals, secured lines of credit and equity borrowing*.  By offering these lending services we are able to simplify the lending process for you. We will review the loan in conjunction with your overall plan, to ensure you are still on track to reach your financial goals. Please contact us to find out more information today.  Your Mortgage Referral Specialist        …

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Retirement Planning

When can I retire? How much will I need to retire? There are so many questions that can be difficult to answer when we think about retirement. That's why having a plan, and acting on that plan are so important if you want to take control of your retirement. Every year we work with clients who want to know that they are on the right track to a retirement they can trust. We support them with planning and then help them make great choices about what instruments they should use in their preparation. Retirement Savings Plans (RSPs), Payout Annuities and…

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Small Business & Professionals

If you own a small business or have a professional practice, you know both the opportunities that it brings, and the challenges that are inherent in business ownership. We believe that every successful business has a team supporting it - lawyers to help protect the business, accountants to protect and track the wealth, and a financial advisor to help them grow their wealth and business. We're active with hundreds of business owners and professionals, supporting them with clear advice that fits their specific needs when it comes to: Group Insurance Pension Plans Salary Continuation Plans Executive Compensation Shareholder Agreements Key…

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