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When I first spoke on the phone with Daren, I was very appreciative of the help he offered; and to follow up with a message to see if I had found the info I needed, really meant a lot to me. Upon our first meeting with Matt, we immediately felt very comfortable with him, and appreciated both Matt and Daren taking the time to meet with us. Derek and I, for one of the first times in many years, both feel very confident with the information and financial advice provided to us. We normally have some anxiety when making financial decisions like this, but in this situation, neither of us had any hesitation. We look forward to working together on investing for the future.

Kelly and Derek Avery


A privilege for me to without reservation recommend Daren's Givoque financial services. I found Daren to be a keen listener, wise, knowledgeable and most professional. A qualified divorce financial planner who is one of only eight certified in this much-needed area of finance in the Province.

Dureen Coade


Daren’s knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed in the financial services industry. He has a unique skill that demystifies the very complicated financial services industry and is able to explain various options in very simplistic terms. Very astute at mapping out customized financial plans for both the short and long terms, he’s helped me save and make money and I highly recommend Daren as both an expert and a trusted advisor.

Jeff Brownlee, Principal at RainMaker Media & Strategy


Daren provides peace of mind for the future, something that is rare as a self-employed individual. Daren takes the time to build a portfolio that is tailored to each of his client’s needs. His dedication to personalized service coupled with his knowledge of the industry has built a strong partnership of trust I look forward to continuing.

Justin Rice, Insurance Agent at Grenville Mutual Insurance


I have been a happy customer with O`Farrell Financial Services group for a number of years. I deal with Keeley and Connie in Brockville. Keeley has left me feeling good about my financial future. We meet at least twice a year to discuss my finances and I know that I can go to her whenever I need to. It is very easy to schedule a meeting. If I decide that I want to meet with Keeley, I only have to Email Connie. She always answers promptly with a date and time. I have recommended the financial group in Brockville to a number of people. Last time I met with Keeley I obtained a number of her business cards. Now if I strike up a conversation with someone about investments and they like, I give them one of Keeley’s cards.

Uwe Latocha, Brockville


I have been a customer of O'Farrell Financial Services for over 6 years.  Amanda & Peggy are very knowledgeable with their products and how they fit with my investment plan. I would recommend their service to anyone who is new or old to investing.

Beverley Gilmour


Hello Keeley,
I was looking at the recent copy of Snapd and saw a photo of you receiving your award! Congratulations and well deserved! It is never easy balancing a career and a family though you always seem to be calm cool and collected – on the outside at least! You are a terrific role model for your kids. And a further congratulations to your company for their recent award as top notch business! I must agree that you run an efficient and successful business and I am very happy to be a customer.

Heather Howard


It has been a wonderful experience for us to have O'Farrell Financial Services Inc. manage our investment portfolio. The expertise and wealth of knowledge that Mr. Dermid O'Farrell has on income earning insurance policies and the tax saving implications on them has been amazing. We have utmost respect for Mr. O'Farrell and his company. He has proven himself to us by dedicating countless hours studying our financial portfolios and meeting with us to discuss the best ways possible to secure our financial futures. It was with great confidence that we committed our investment portfolios and life savings to be managed by O'Farrell Financial Services Inc. Everyone in this company truly demonstrates professionalism at its best! Knowledge is empowerment, and the service has truly given us the confidence in achieving the financial goals set forth for our family to achieve. Having a keen, knowledgeable, forthright and honest businessman working for us and showing us that his company has a vested interest in our family is most assuring.

Marie and Ian MacNaughton, Martintown, ON


We are pleased with the results of our association with O'Farrell Financial Services Inc. When our handicapped son neared the age of majority, it became important to us to make arrangements now that would protect his future security when we were no longer able to care for his needs. We found the advisors at O'Farrell Financial thorough, friendly, well-informed, willing to listen and hard-working. We feel that we have achieved a package that is right for us with sustainable benefits for our son.

John and Fran Brauneisen, Kemptville, ON


I first met Richard Lewis approximately 2 years ago, when my wife and I had been retired for 8 years. At that time, I wanted to reaffirm that the steps I had personally taken in my investment portfolio would be appropriate for our advanced years.

Richard has met with us several times to discuss these matters and he has proven to us that he has a vested interest in our future. His advice on tax saving implications has been quite helpful as well as other matters of financial guidance and assistance. We were pleasantly surprised in his "no hard pressure" sales approach often used by some investment representatives. Richard was able to bring me peace of mind in how I had been dealing with my investments and to point me in the right direction in other aspects that I may have been missing in my portfolio. He impressed me with his honesty and dedication in caring for our requirements.

John Cowden, Kemptville, ON