Matthew Felker - BA, EPC

Financial Security Advisor and Partner

Matt began his career as a Financial Security Advisor in 1997. Although he had a successful practice in Ottawa, he and his family were looking for more. They were looking for a different lifestyle, and they were looking for a community where they could know more than just their next-door neighbour. Matt was also looking for an opportunity to work with another seasoned professional. When he became a Partner at O'Farrell Financial, in November of 2005, he and his family got all of the above.

Some people think Matt works long days, often the first one in the office, putting in a full day, and then participating in various community activities in the evenings. But it doesn't feel like work to Matt. He's doing what he loves and making a difference along the way.

Matt knows that it's not enough to simply take steps toward your goals - we have to take steady steps, solid steps that won't create undue risk or chaos. A step at a time is good, but steady steps that you know you can rely on are the ones that let clients act with confidence.

As a seasoned Financial Security Advisor, clients count on Matt's solid experience and clear perspective to help them make decisions about growing, protecting and transitioning their wealth. And when they do, they're able to do it with the confidence that Matt wants to serve what's important to them, and their community.


Community Involvement

  • Business Network International (BNI) - Member 2008 – Present (President 2008 – 2010) 
  • Kemptville District Home Support - Meals on Wheels Volunteer, Board Member 2007- Present (President 2013 - Present)
  • South Grenville Chamber of Commerce - Member 2006- Present
  • North Grenville Chamber of Commerce - Member 2005 - Present
  • Freedom 55 Financial Executive Advisory Council - Member 2008 – 2009
  • North Grenville Downtown Business Improvement Association - Member 2009 - 2010


  T : 613.258.1997 ext. 271

  F : 613.258.6983

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Advisor Associate

Terri Boyd

  T : 613.258.1997 ext. 271

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