Keeley Patterson - CFP

Certified Financial Planner and Partner

Keeley has been working in the financial industry for 30 years. In 1997, she achieved her CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certificate before moving into the Commercial Banking sector. She's helped hundreds of individuals and business owners make important financial decisions through the years, and so it was a perfect match when she joined O'Farrell Financial in the spring of 2009.

Despite her expertise and excellent reputation in the industry, she knew that changing roles would have risks. But Keeley will tell you that "this team removed the risk", and now she's part of a team that helps its clients do the same.

As a Certified Financial Planner at O'Farrell Financial, Keeley spends her days understanding what is truly important to her clients, and then designing ways to help them have that; to have the lifestyle they want, the protection they need, and the clarity to make great decisions for their businesses, for the next generation and beyond.

Because of Keeley's time in commercial banking, she's worked with hundreds of financial statements and partnered with lawyers and accountants to help her clients make solid decisions. It gives her a unique perspective when she is providing financial and estate planning services to business owners as she's deeply familiar with both the challenges that arise, and how to handle them skillfully.

At home with her husband and their five children, Keeley understands what it's like to juggle a busy household, a busy career, and be active in the community. Her ability to do it speaks to her energy, her focus and her efficiency. You can count on all three when you work with Keeley.

Community Involvement

  • Advisory Team Business Success Program - Business Coach 2012 – Present 
  • North Grenville Chamber of Commerce - Member 2005 - Present
  • Brockville Chamber of Commerce - Member 2009 – Present
  • Member of ADVOCIS - The Financial Advisor's Association of Canada - Member 2009 - Present
  • Canadian Association for Retired Persons, Brockville Chapter - Co-Chair 2011 – Present
  • Brockville Women in Business - Vice-Chair 2010 – Present
  • Ad & Sales - Member 2011 – Present
  • Downtown Business Improvement Association - Member 2013 – Present
  • Leeds & Grenville Interval House - Volunteer 2012 - Present
  • Business Network International (BNI) - Member 2009 - 2011
  • Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation - Board Member 2004 -2009 (Chair 2007 - 2008)
  • South Grenville Chamber of Commerce - Member 1998 – 2002 (President 2001)


  T : 613.865.8080 ext. 321

  F : 613.865.8409

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Advisor Associate

Connie Heffernan

  T : 613.258.1997 ext. 321

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