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Allison Martin

Advisor Associate to Bonnie Wilson & GIC Executive

Ally is a force of positivity and professionalism. Her knack for remembering client interactions combined with her ability to make people smile, makes her a perfect fit for her role as Advisor Associate to Bonnie Wilson & GIC Executive.

Ally is a graduate of St. Lawrence College and has worked a number of jobs that have prepared her well for her position at O'Farrell Financial Services. She is a very quick learner and settled into her role with ease. Prior to her role as Advisor Associate & GIC Executive, Ally worked directly with Cyndy – preparing for client meetings, managing Cyndy's schedule and replying to client inquiries. Ally’s favourite aspect of her job is the people. Her ability to have fun and make people laugh, while also being professional with her coworkers and clients has made her an excellent addition to the team.

Raised in Mountain and currently residing in Oxford Station, Ally is a small-town girl who loves her animals; a dog and four cats, and greatly enjoys horseback riding and singing.


  T : 613.774.2456

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