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Aaron Seguin, BEcon

Wealth Management Division Associate

Aaron grew up in Cornwall, Ontario and has always lived there, with the exception of his time away at university. He began his university “career” at SUNY (State University of New York) Canton, studying Accounting and playing Varsity Baseball. He did very well, receiving the college academic award which is presented for academic excellence and achievement of the highest cumulative grade point average. After one year in Canton, Aaron decided to come back home and attend the University of Ottawa where he studied Economics and received his Bachelor of Social Science with Honours in Economics.

Since 2012, he has heavily invested his time into studying, creating systems and trading in the Forex market. His exposure to Forex is what inspired him to switch from Accounting to Economics, as he grew more interested with economic news and how it impacted the markets. His passion for investments and the different markets has him pursuing his CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) designation. Aaron is the prime example of “Do what you love. Love what you do.”

Aaron joined O’Farrell Financial in early 2016. He currently works alongside Matt Felker in the Wealth Management Division. When asked what he likes most about working at O’Farrell Financial, he answered “the people and the unselfish wisdom and knowledge”. Aaron’s impressive passion for economics and thirst for knowledge makes him an asset to our team here at O’Farrell Financial.

In his free time, Aaron plays sports,  and hangs out with friends and family… and keeps on top of the markets.


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