About O'Farrell Financial Services Inc.

At O'Farrell Financial, we provide financial and estate planning services to help our clients live the life they want today, and secure the legacy they want for tomorrow. Regardless of where we are in our lives, whether we're starting a family or planning our estate, purchasing a home or planning for retirement, a plan helps us get the best of what we want the most. That's why our clients count on us to support them in creating and acting on plans that meet them where they are in life.

We know that it's not always easy to obtain the financial results you want, but that doesn't mean there isn't the potential to have them. What it means is that whoever is helping you has to have both the skills and the heart to understand what is truly important to you; and they have to have the discipline to create a plan that can work for you. That's what we do every day at O'Farrell Financial.

Call us. We're happy to conduct a financial analysis at no cost, and with no obligation, so that you can see what's possible. After working with Thousands of clients over the past two decades, we know that sometimes the only difference between knowing what you want and getting what you want, is acting on a plan that makes sense.

The O'Farrell Story

dermid and donna leeMost good businesses have a good story behind them, and O'Farrell Financial is no different. In 1997, Dermid and Donna Lee O'Farrell founded the company and, while they started out of their home, they did not start from nothing. They started from a belief. That belief is that when relationships are strong, people will have the confidence to act on their plans.

Recognizing that financial security planning would be deeply valuable to the people in their community and surrounding area, they set out to build a company that would provide clients with an experience of quality advice, professional discipline, and compassion; something that their clients could believe in, something they can trust.

From the beginning, the company has grown steadily each year and has proven that their belief was one that was shared by their clients. While it wasn't without challenges, and wasn't without hardship, Dermid and Donna Lee put in the tough work that is required to build any meaningful business. Now, 20 years later, they've attracted a team that shares their commitment to relationship and their desire to help clients plan for their financial future.

The Financial Security Planning Process

The financial security plan marks the path that clients follow toward their goals. It delivers the confidence so many people crave when they think about their finances. It provides a measurement tool that allows our clients to adjust course along the way. The financial security plan is critical, and it is valuable.

But many people haven't created their plan. We understand how busy life can be and sometimes creating a financial plan can get lost in the clutter. But a sound plan will save you time, and will save you money. And to get yours, we'd be happy to meet with you in the comfort of your office, your home, or in our office.

  • When my husband passed away I had just retired. The need to find reliable financial guidance was extremely important. O'Farrell Financial Services Inc. and their staff, not only treated me like family, but provided the financial assistance I could trust!

    Donna Webb, Ingleside, ON


There are a few simple steps in our planning process:

  1. Review: We start with a review of your current situation to see where you are today. No path can be identified when you're not clear on where "here" is. It's not a risky conversation and we don't meet our clients with judgment; we meet them with respect and professional interest.
  2. Dreams & Goals: We want to know what you want. What is it you dream of doing, having, being? What's truly important to you? What do you want life to look like? What about after you're gone? What legacy might you leave? Knowing your picture of your future helps us build a plan that serves you.
  3. Measure: Looking at where you are today and where you want to be allows us to provide you with a complete analysis and written recommendations. Perhaps there are shortfalls, or perhaps there are opportunities to improve a plan that's working. We'll explore progressive strategies to help you make effective choices.

With a clear plan, you'll be equipped to make clear decisions. And once you have, we'll be there to monitor your progress toward the goals that are so important to you. To make that even easier, one of our most appreciated client services is our custom-made financial binder system. Often simply being organized can help you feel in control and save you time. Imagine having all of your financial details neatly organized in one binder where you can quickly and easily access everything. We'll organize it and explain it all for you.

Having a great financial plan starts with having a great relationship. Give us a call so we can support what's truly important to you.