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At O'Farrell Financial, we provide financial and estate planning services to help our clients live the life they want today, and secure the legacy they want for tomorrow. Regardless of where we are in our lives, whether we're starting a family or planning our estate, purchasing a home or planning for retirement, a plan helps us get the best of what we want the most. That's why our clients count on us to support them in creating and acting on plans that meet them where they are in life.

O'Farrell Financial - Kemptville LocationWe know that it's not always easy to obtain the financial results you want, but that doesn't mean there isn't the potential to have them. What it means is that whoever is helping you has to have both the skills and the heart to understand what is truly important to you; and they have to have the discipline to create a plan that can work for you. That's what we do every day at O'Farrell Financial.

Call us. We're happy to conduct a financial analysis at no cost, and with no obligation, so that you can see what's possible. After working with hundreds of clients for over a decade, we know that sometimes the only difference between knowing what you want and getting what you want, is acting on a plan that makes sense.

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New Service for our Clients

  • Farm Succession Planning
    Your farm is your life’s work. O’Farrell Financial Services Inc. is ours. We understand the desire and drive to leave behind a powerful legacy. That is why we want to help you put together a solid succession plan for passing on the family business to the next generation. A good succession plan takes time, patience and expertise. Like building a farm, building a succession plan is not an event – it’s a process. There are many family, legal and financial concerns to consider when documenting a written succession plan. We consider not only the actual assets of the farm but…

Client Testimonials

  • quote-leftIt has been a wonderful experience for us to have O'Farrell Financial Services Inc. manage our investment portfolio. The expertise and wealth of knowledge that Mr. Dermid O'Farrell has on income earning insurance policies and the tax saving implications on them has been amazing. We have utmost respect for Mr. O'Farrell and his company. He has proven himself to us by dedicating countless hours studying our financial portfolios and meeting with us to discuss the best ways possible to secure our financial futures. It was with great confidence that we committed our investment portfolios and life savings to be managed by O'Farrell Financial Services Inc. Everyone in this company truly demonstrates professionalism at its best! Knowledge is empowerment, and the service has truly given us the confidence in achieving the financial goals set forth for our family to achieve. Having a keen, knowledgeable, forthright and honest businessman working for us and showing us that his company has a vested interest in our family is most assuring.quote-right

    Marie and Ian MacNaughton, Martintown, ON

Our Boardroom

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When we built our offices, we deliberately created a boardroom that could be used by the community, as well as the business. So, if your charitable, non-profit or not-for-profit organization needs a place to meet, and our boardroom is not otherwise engaged, we're happy to have you use it at no cost.

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